Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cloud Catchers

Chapter 2
Freshmen year was semi stressful and the first character I will introduce is known as the little king of the sea of bitterness; however we shall simply call him ... Eustace ( a name I must say he almost deserved). Eustace, was one of the few persons Clair no tolerance for and he was more than proud of it, they later agreed it was a miracle they hadn’t killed each other that first year. Always at odds they were hanging delicately under a cloud of war. 
Then there was a fellow by the name of Atticus, not Finch though he could have played the part and played it well. Atticus as we shall call him was at first a man of few words but rather great intent or so he seemed from the perspective of an outsider, in reality he could be just as crazy as any of the other boys, the biggest difference was that her cared more than most. 
Then there was Myrna sweet, crazy and somewhat deceptive Myrna, she didn’t come into the picture till sophomore year and when she did there was no going back to life without her. Her deception was in the appearance of her calm and quiet nature, in reality she was just as much a warrior as Clair and I believe that is why they always got along so well.
Oh and then there was Ashly, Ashly was a year younger but she  and Clair had known one another since kindergarden. And her spastic personality always broadened everyones smiles, and peals of sweet laughter followed in her wake.
Then there was the music man, what ever shall I name him!? How does Cadence sound, yes that is what we shall call him. Cadence was a crazy boy, to intelligent for his own good, leaned to the romantic and always had a song.

the Cloud Catchers

Chapter 1
A group of five fell to two and grew to eleven over the course of eighteen years. There names are of little matter as they never called each other buy them. The original four plaid together as children, or so their parents said, they were to young to remember much.
Over the next two years the friends diminished until all that was left was a semi stressful relationship between two of the youngest girls. Their relationship was one of arch enemies and best friends, making them more like sisters then anything. We shall call these two Faye and Clair, Faye was the younger buy two weeks and Clair never allowed her to forget it, it was Clair’s one pride in this unusual friendship. For many years the two were almost identical, at least in appearance, there personalities though complimentary, were as different as black and white. 
Faye’s once long strait hair soon turned into gorgeous honey brown ringlets, meanwhile Clair passed her in height buy four and a half inches, though neither of them was very tall. Here we must insert Stacy, Stacy being one of the original five quickly fit back in. Though Stacey and Clair were much closer, occasionally leaving Faye out in the cold, never intentionally but always effectively.  
When high school came, a new separation began, though Clair and Faye went to the same school they ran in different circles, each made new friends and neither talked to the other much. Here the rest of the group was discovered and the friendships began to grow. 

The Cloud Catchers


At first glance the group of teenagers running about on the beach could easily be mistaken for a normal group of rebellious callow youth. But that assessment would be far from accurate. If you continued to watch them, you might see them dancing in the sand to classical jazz or singing in unison around there blazing fire, their bathing suits are modest and they all walk with an air of dignity and respect. You must not however, mistake these young men and women for, stuck up, socially inept, prigs. These people are not just characters on a stage who’s lives will end with the night. There histories are long and their stories cary on. Here I will attempt to share a glimpse of those histories and a few fragments of their lives.

The Cloud Catchers

When they were young,
They would run in the sun.
Picking flowers ,
From about the tower.
Flying high,
Stealing clouds from the sky.
Dragon Slayers, 
Sophisticated Chess players.
Fairies fly,
As they say goodbye,
To the summers long past.
They still meet each summer.
On the shores of the sea. 
Though there wings are gone, 
They still chase the clouds.
And the fire reminds them,
Of fairies flying,
Singing to them lullabies.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Flowers in Spring?

At school today I found a patch of these little purple wild flowers, it made me smile, which was something I needed. It was a good morning, got a 94 on my test and an 11/10 on my essay! Then the rest of the day just felt all mucky and crummy, and I couldn't seem to get out of it. Lots of people showed up for youth group, it was pretty good.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roll around

It's Wednesday again! How that happened I'm not sure this week has flown by, what can I say. I have lost even more weight in my fingers and I discovered that the base knuckle of my ring fingers is double jointed, it's odd.  I heard from China and I got a %95 on my sociology test, that was monday. Had some jam time in the afternoon, got one song down pretty well, and I finally figured out how to play "my" song. Tuesday was a test in Political Science think I did good, then I had a crazy awesome adventure with some of my favorite men, oh ya and that episode of NCIS was pretty awesome. This morning I went to Chapel at my old high school felt like going home, I do rather miss it. And at present I should be studying for my psyc test that I have to take in one hour, but I really don't feel like it, such is life and I must study now. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


So a friend of mine posted this Dubstep Remix on facebook and I love it! I never really know what to do with techno/dance music but it makes me wanna dance. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beating Hearts of Paper

Last evening I was going through my old Brasil missions journal,  I came across oh so many memories and funny quotes. for example "Sometimes you just gotta let the mangoes bleed" -Cal, and  " If your feet are in the sink they're fare game" -Me, and of course "You just got your feet mopped" -Aubs. I also came across this origami heart. One of our friends there drew a picture for each of us and then folded it into a paper heart. 

It took a few tries but this devotional paper was the first successfully mastered heart. I drew the heart and the purple =p face, Aubs colored in the heart and drew the blue =D face. 

Cal took it away and this is how it came back, that mean boy bit my heart, how rude! I also found a bunch of pictures from our Brasilian friends, I miss them oh ever so much! Today I must finish writing an essay for political science and I must study for a psychology test. Then I plan to take inventory of my tatting and I'll post it on my other blog as soon as I'm finished. Tomorrow is worship practice if all goes as planned I'm very excited, I also wanna start researching my family history at the library soon.

P.S. If you wonder why I spell Brasil wrong, it is because that is how the Brasilians spell it, only silly americans spell it with z, we Brasilians know better. =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Friday!

Not the most attractive feet, but they were happy to be frolicking about the beach completely unrestrained. Fridays My mom and I clean our church on fridays, after that it's home free! Well sometimes. Today we went to the Millsboro Bazar, I was in search of an old jewelry box, for the purpose of storing my tatting ... they had none. I did find two

beautiful bike baskets but I didn't get them as they were far to expensive. When I got home I took a long walk on the beach, barefooted, soaking up the glorious sunshine. I do have a bit of a cold and it seems to have gotten worse. They say there's a chance we could see the aura borealis tonight. Mom and I are gonna take the car out to the marshy flat lands for a while and see if we see anything, I really hope we do. They are so pretty!

Thursdays what can I say ...

I didn't have a picture of my own but I thought this would do.  So I was trying to think of one descriptive word for thursdays and that was just absolutely impossible. Thursdays I have a morningish political science class, which is good, however my day doesn't really begin till about 12:15, I go to the library to read my Bible and do any left over comp work. Usually, almost guaranteed, Cal will be there and after a short time of silence we'll begin a conversation about what God has been showing us or teaching us, amongst other things. It's always pleasurable, if not occasionally distressed, but in the best sense. After this a go home for a short time, pack up my guitar, my binder, my Bible and other important things, then it's off to youth group. This time really is amazing, we are so much like a family, in the way that we love and look out for one another, WE are FAMILY. We hang out, we eat, we play games, we share the word, we pray and worship. We love God and we love others. We leave between 9:30 and 12. Even after we leave the building we continue to encourage and bear one anotherd burdens via text message and phone calls, it really is a truly beautiful relationship we have. I will miss them ever so much when and if I go away. At this point I have not heard back about the teaching position.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

So I promised to tell you why my wednesdays are good, it hasn't been the best so far but I'll try to make this an on average accurate report of why wednesdays are so wonderful. Wednesdays are my long day at school, I have sociology at 2:30 and I don't leave from my psych class until 8:30. I have a nice little gap in the middle where I have time to read my Bible tat and then eat.  I enjoy mondays and thursdays at the library more than wednesdays because I have the opportunity to see some friendly friends, though I must sadly say the last two mondays were sadly silent. Had a test in sociology to day, think I aced it, oh an I got a 95 on my essay for that class.

Blue Mug Cereal

I'm one of those strange ones, you know the ones who won't cereal with milk until they were like 10. Ya thats me. Still not a huge fan but every once in a blue moon I crave it, and this happens to be one of those days.
So last night I burnt my thumb badly on a hot pan, I sliced an aloe leaf an covered it, had to use enormous amounts of tape to keep the slippery thing on. But my thumb is nearly better now and I will soon be able to tat like normal. It's amazing all the things you do with your left thumb.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mass's

So as you can see this is my current completed collection of tatting I really need to make more earrings and bracelets but I love necklaces so much more. Also I burnt my left thump on a hot pan this afternoon it's all bandaged up with lots of aloe so hopefully it'll be good as new, in the mean time, tatting of any variety is almost impossible. It truly is amazing how many things you do with your left thumb.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Arise and Shine for our Light has Come

Happy Valentines Day! These are the cards I made my parents. I am drinking coffee for the first time in almost two weeks, it's amazing, ESSPECIALY because I'm drinking it out of the cup my sister/friend brought back from Israel for me! Also working with some size 80 thread ( a book mark for my Bible). Last night God came through on what I asked him for, you gotta be careful with that because He will work on our behalf and as a result I didn't go to bed till after 2:30. But I believe his will was done and that's what my life is about so it's all good.

Do you know?

Warm Milk before bead, it's been ever so long since I last enjoyed this soothing drink. The service was excellent! I saw Janice and George, my un biological Brasilian parents, I've missed them so much. it's been a good two years since I last saw them. Below is my family (well part of them)  =)
Some day I'll get to go home this he promised me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


So today I discovered something that has been in my possession for a number of years, it was hiding at the back of a drawer . And at long lost I have the perfect use for it.
I have to leave for Church soon, there's an amazing speaker there tonight, this morning was awesome so I'm looking forward to it. Also in the above picture I finally turned my chinese coin into a necklace (thank you daddy for drilling the holes. I made some pretty cards today but I can't post any pictures until tomorrow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So I've been listening to Parachute Band all day, it's a worship group that a my friend introduced me to. My three favorites are Gave it All, My Constant, and Mercy.

Here's a bracelet I just finished you can't see with the lighting but it's a creamy gold color, and a more annoying thread I have never before had the pleasure of working with but I like it.


These, with the exception of two near the top, are a small part of my collection of "Jingle shells" I'm not sure if this is there real name but it's what I've always known them as. They come in white, yellow, orange, silver and black blue. I'm contemplating the use of them for jewelry but I have to find a way to re-enforce them as they are very fragile.


So I didn't tell you about wednesdays thursdays fridays and today I have no plans to tell you what's wonderful about saturdays. They must go in order so hopefully next wednesday you'll here from me on that top, in the mean time let's review what I've been up to.

First we have a fine specimen of a necklace, I finally finished this wednesday night. A rather late present for an old friend. We don't talk much now, I hope she liked it =)

Then I started this bracelet it's shuttle tatted and I haven't event decided what the other half of the pattern looks like yet.

Needle tatting again. this will not be the easiest to make the thread is very pretty but highly disagreeable.

These are a few pieces that I'm planning on incorporating into some piece of tatting or another.
I'm also thinking of using foreign coins in tatting.

And last but not least I finished a letter though not in time for today's post. I'll have to wait till the monday at which point I should have two more letters one to Mass and one to Albania.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terrific Tuesdays

So I decided that it would be unfair to tell you why I loved Mondays and not say a word about the rest of my week. In which case I will say that tuesdays are terrific! Here's why when I start my day, the alarm goes off at 5:30 and I am forced to drag myself out of bed and wake my mother. Then it's off to a wonderful morning prayer meeting. There's always coffee and some kind of tasty bread or cake or cookie, I usually take my needle work along and the first half hour we eat and drink and talk about how great God is. Then we begin sharing prayer needs and we worship and warfare like crazy pretty much until we're finished, I usually have to leave early for school.

Tuesdays is political science, a class I must admit I rather enjoy. Then I come home and do whatever needs doing. Today that involves cleaning my room, organizing things, working on projects and studying up for tomorrows sociology and psychology class's. So that's why I love my tuesdays they start off with a heavy dose of fellowship, worship and praise. They move to entertainment (aka pol sci) and then necessity and finally relaxation.

These bottles are for holding crochet mottifs for a future Irish lace dress from left to right we have 
White, Yellow, and Pink.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mondays at the Library

It has been a long troublesome weekend, but I'm working at refocusing. One of the best days of the week I would say is my monday. I volunteer over at the spcc and then it's off to the library. I eat my lunch (today was a delicious peanut butter, apple, and pumpernickel sandwich[occasionally it's spent out at a pizza place with friends]) I have lots of quiet time to read my Bible listen to worship music and tat. One of my DLF's is usually hanging around and has some inspirational tid-bit to share and smile to that is rather contagious and I can't get rid of the rest of the day. That is a small part of the reason why I love mondays at the library. However, the DLF was absent today and I'll have to work harder at the smiling than usual. Now it's off to sociology for me and I can guarantee it'll be interesting.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Long day

How It got to be 11:30 already I don't know, but I was able to get a bunch done today.

On the way home I stopped by the thrift store and found these precious little scissors. They fold!

Next I finished my nautical necklace!

after which I finish the black chocker

and a pink bracelet 

Then after doing some design work I started this hat! Can't wait to try the clunes knot stitch on it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a to do

I'm super hungry, and I've had such a confused morning. Well confused year really I haven't worked on anything cool today and I don't think I will but I started this last night ... I'm fairly happy with it. I think I'll head home now, get some food from somewheres and eat it in the park.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Needle Tatting and Neuroscience

So you know how some people have to doodle in class to properly pay attention, well I find if I make things while I'm studying it has a similar effect. So tonight I have my first major test in my 3 hour psychology night class, as you may imagine i've been studying, this morning i made this to keep my fingers in time with my mind. It gave me the idea for an even more wonderful nautical styled one ..... coming soon.