Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cloud Catchers

Chapter 2
Freshmen year was semi stressful and the first character I will introduce is known as the little king of the sea of bitterness; however we shall simply call him ... Eustace ( a name I must say he almost deserved). Eustace, was one of the few persons Clair no tolerance for and he was more than proud of it, they later agreed it was a miracle they hadn’t killed each other that first year. Always at odds they were hanging delicately under a cloud of war. 
Then there was a fellow by the name of Atticus, not Finch though he could have played the part and played it well. Atticus as we shall call him was at first a man of few words but rather great intent or so he seemed from the perspective of an outsider, in reality he could be just as crazy as any of the other boys, the biggest difference was that her cared more than most. 
Then there was Myrna sweet, crazy and somewhat deceptive Myrna, she didn’t come into the picture till sophomore year and when she did there was no going back to life without her. Her deception was in the appearance of her calm and quiet nature, in reality she was just as much a warrior as Clair and I believe that is why they always got along so well.
Oh and then there was Ashly, Ashly was a year younger but she  and Clair had known one another since kindergarden. And her spastic personality always broadened everyones smiles, and peals of sweet laughter followed in her wake.
Then there was the music man, what ever shall I name him!? How does Cadence sound, yes that is what we shall call him. Cadence was a crazy boy, to intelligent for his own good, leaned to the romantic and always had a song.


  1. The LORD is with us like a mighty warrior for to Him have we committed our cause XD