Saturday, February 12, 2011


So I didn't tell you about wednesdays thursdays fridays and today I have no plans to tell you what's wonderful about saturdays. They must go in order so hopefully next wednesday you'll here from me on that top, in the mean time let's review what I've been up to.

First we have a fine specimen of a necklace, I finally finished this wednesday night. A rather late present for an old friend. We don't talk much now, I hope she liked it =)

Then I started this bracelet it's shuttle tatted and I haven't event decided what the other half of the pattern looks like yet.

Needle tatting again. this will not be the easiest to make the thread is very pretty but highly disagreeable.

These are a few pieces that I'm planning on incorporating into some piece of tatting or another.
I'm also thinking of using foreign coins in tatting.

And last but not least I finished a letter though not in time for today's post. I'll have to wait till the monday at which point I should have two more letters one to Mass and one to Albania.


  1. I hope the thread stops being disagreeable, and I'm missing the Shire a lot and the elves who live there

  2. It did stop, you can see the grand finally above came out rather well. The elves miss you too DLF(not meant to sound patronizing) hehe =)

  3. Wow, how delicate and beautiful, you are so talented!

    I am stopping by from Tea Rose Home's Linky Party, please stop by and check out my project, too :)