Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jam Session by the Light of a Citronella Candle

We were working on first drafts, spontaneous songs and the like.
(notice the crazed looks in our eyes... good stuff to follow)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worth a Thousand Words?

This photo of my mom was taken around 1970. I love this picture. She is the sweetest bestest mom ever.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wild Rose Petal and Lavender Jelly

So I've wanted to make Rose Jelly for sometime I've had it in Turkish Delights from Ireland and I loved it! But sadly the only roses in our garden mold and die before they can really be used. Then last week I had a beautiful idea, you see the country round abouts gets covered in wild roses this time of year (it smells heavenly). So today I made Wild Rose Petal and Lavender jelly! I'm so proud of myself. I also got a large manilla envelope in the mail, I maid the Dean's list! So awesome, I'm almost sad to not be going back to school next year. Below are the wild roses I was busily plucking and cleaning the better part of the day. I also found an excessively large patch of blackberries in bloom.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowers and Rain

Aren't these lavender and hibiscus macaroons  simply delightful I've been looking up recipes the better part of the afternoon and I had to share. It's still raining here, and I feel it's a little more like England every day. Tomorrow I'm going to make buckwheat pancakes for breakfast and then I will go flower picking and attempt to make some wild rose and lavender jelly. It promises to be a wonderful day, but for now it's time I was in bed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So mom and I walked to the local summer store today and as we were walking through the small beachy gift shop I thought why not make instruments out of driftwood! I don't how good  they'd work but I figure it'd be fun and they'd look pretty cool! So I came home and I googled it, figuring someone else must have already done this, but no. I did however find these beautiful drift wood horses and I love their haunting forms especially just touching the waves.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Feeling a little stretched?

Allow me to quote Bilbo Baggins if I may "I feel sort of thin, stretched, like butter scrapped over to much bread" I've been working in the morning and then coming home to work on my TEFL course. I have done a little bit in the garden and played guitar twice but even those begin to feel tedious after rushing through them so I can get back to work. Even when I have the time and want to do something it just never seems to happen. I'm dragging in the dust and it makes it difficult to breath.

But he is the Glory and the lifter of my head!

Friday, May 13, 2011

You're like a pistachio

Hard to open, so many might not think it's worth the effort, but in the end it's rewarding and satisfying having you as a close friend.  ~ P.D.G. 

This made my afternoon so much better, you don't even know!

Long time no EVERYTHING

So I haven't posted anything in a long time, but I have an excellent excuse! I finished up with college classes got 3 A's and 1 B. And Tuesday before last I started working a part time job at the high school I graduated from and man do I miss being there! Also I've been working on my TEFL Certification. I finally finished this tatted cameo bracelet and I LOVE it! Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I'll get another post up soon.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The DHR part 2

Part 2
The Depths of Hope and Revelry     

(Read part one here.)

“Miss Degratino?”,
“Yes, may I help you?”He stood silent. “Ah yes, I’m here on behalf of a friend ... well a relation really.” “Come in, would you care for some tea or coffee?” “Ah tea, if it’s not to much trouble.”
She left me in a small sitting room while she glided off to make some tea. My mothers eldest sister was on her death bead, and truly the last relation I had, so when I heard she was ill I got the earliest flight from my beloved England and I had now been living in Maine for almost two months. Aunt Ruth was a dear sweet thing, I wasn’t quite sure now what I would do when she passed. It was cold in the small sitting room, as I returned from the thought rooms of my mind I discovered a rather fluffy gray cat sitting at my feet as if awaiting an invitation to invade my lap. I smiled, patted my leg, and up it jumped, purring loudly like a boat motor. 
As I returned from making the tea, I tried my hardest not to appear shocked at my normally skittish cat’s boldness in invading this gentleman's lap. “So sir what is this business I might help you with?”I asked as I poured the tea and sat. He pulled out a faded photograph of an elderly woman I knew well from my years by the sea. 
“How do you know dear Ruth?” “Ruth is my mother’s oldest sister and my last living relation, I moved to Maine several months ago to help take care of her.”
“And your name is?” “Oh how rude of me! My name is Edmond Greyham.” “You can just call me Anne I’m not a big fan of Degratino.” “Likewise, just call me Ed.” “Now do tell me what it was dear Ruth wanted?”
“Well, I’m afraid she couldn’t quite remember what it was called, but she said it was her favorite with your fresh english muffin bread.” “ Ah, yes I know what it was. Come on, I’ll show you.” I stood and Edmond followed me to the pantry. The white shelves were stocked with jars of preserves and other things. Her favorite being the lavender and rose petal jam which sat on the top of the far left shelf. “Being that I’m short I need a stool to reach, but I think you can manage it.” He reached past me and gingerly lifted a jar off the shelf.
We returned to the sitting room and after a few minutes of conversation there was an awkward pause fallowed by an invitation. “ I know you don’t know me Anne, but I’m sure Ruth would love to see you and as I understand the jam goes with the bread and I’m not much of a baker.” He smiled and I found I couldn’t say no, this spontaneous behavior was completely out of character for me, but all I could here was my own voice  responding with “ I’ll get some cloths.” He smiled, sat down to the piano and began playing a sprightly tune. Which sent me skipping upstairs with the wings of laughter under my feet.
I pulled the vintage blue suitcase from under my bed, it needed a good dusting and I did so with gusto! As packed my things I felt like a giddy school girl headed home for the holidays.
As I came to the base of the steps I found Ed standing in the hall cat perched on his shoulder admiring a painting I had done the last summer I live by the sea.
“Ah” he said, “ Can we bring the cat?” “If you want, it’s your car that will be destroyed by angry grey fuz not mine.” I smiled and with everything turned off and locked up I headed out on a new adventure.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Traditional Devonshire Scones 
with Clotted Cream

Home Made Clotted Cream

1}  Using double boiler fill bottom pan 3/4 with water. Fill small pot with desired amount of Heavy Whipping Cream [I used 1 pint].
2}  Bring water to a simmer then place small pan inside the large pan.
3}  Cook cream till reduced by half 
4}  Clotted cream is finished when it has a nice golden crust on top and has become     thick like butter.
5}  Cover and let cool, refrigerate over night
6}  Stir before serving.


2      cups of flour
1/4   cup of sugar
2      Tsp of baking powder
1/8   Tsp of salt
1/3    cup of butter
1/2    cup of heavy cream
1 1/2 Tsp vanilla extract
1/2    cup of raisins 
1       Egg

Baking Devonshire Scones

1}  Pre-heat to 425, grease large cookie sheet or use parchment paper.
2}  In large bowl combine dry ingredients.
3}  Cut in butter.
4}  In small bowl combine  cream egg and vanilla
5}  Add liquid to dry mixture, stir till dough forms.
6}  Stir in dried fruit
7}  Coat cutting board and hands with flour
8}  Pat dough to an even half inch
9}  Use round cookie cutter or glass  place on cookie sheet
10} Bake 15 min, finished when golden brown on top.
11} Transfer to wrack

Eat scones covered with your choice of preserves and clotted cream. 


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Devonshire Tea, April Adventures and Nice Sweaters

Adventures in April and an early, indoor, un-annual, tea party. Began the tradition Last year of the annual tea/garden party, the time has not yet come for that. However, I was missing my lefty {un-biological sister / fantastical friend}, and we never need much of an excuse for a fun time spent together. Spent Friday evening making Devonshire scones and clotted cream {I'll post pictures and a recipe tomorrow}. Saturday morning it was time for an adventure involving "cheese, bacon, squirrels, trolls, giants, trees, mud and dragons". Then we came home dressed up and had our own private tea {inside, it was overcast and chilly in the garden}.      

Dressed up in our pretties listening to You and I by Ingrid Michaelson.

And a few pictures of our devonshire scones to wet your appetite {recipe to follow}