Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Friday!

Not the most attractive feet, but they were happy to be frolicking about the beach completely unrestrained. Fridays My mom and I clean our church on fridays, after that it's home free! Well sometimes. Today we went to the Millsboro Bazar, I was in search of an old jewelry box, for the purpose of storing my tatting ... they had none. I did find two

beautiful bike baskets but I didn't get them as they were far to expensive. When I got home I took a long walk on the beach, barefooted, soaking up the glorious sunshine. I do have a bit of a cold and it seems to have gotten worse. They say there's a chance we could see the aura borealis tonight. Mom and I are gonna take the car out to the marshy flat lands for a while and see if we see anything, I really hope we do. They are so pretty!


  1. Saw a shooting star, yes I made a wish, no I'm not telling.

  2. I watched Stardust on Sunday (or was it Saturday). Thank you so much for showing me that movie. it is so good!!

  3. I want to watch it again, I've been watching Little Dorrit by Dickens I very much desire to read it as he is an epic story teller.