Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beating Hearts of Paper

Last evening I was going through my old Brasil missions journal,  I came across oh so many memories and funny quotes. for example "Sometimes you just gotta let the mangoes bleed" -Cal, and  " If your feet are in the sink they're fare game" -Me, and of course "You just got your feet mopped" -Aubs. I also came across this origami heart. One of our friends there drew a picture for each of us and then folded it into a paper heart. 

It took a few tries but this devotional paper was the first successfully mastered heart. I drew the heart and the purple =p face, Aubs colored in the heart and drew the blue =D face. 

Cal took it away and this is how it came back, that mean boy bit my heart, how rude! I also found a bunch of pictures from our Brasilian friends, I miss them oh ever so much! Today I must finish writing an essay for political science and I must study for a psychology test. Then I plan to take inventory of my tatting and I'll post it on my other blog as soon as I'm finished. Tomorrow is worship practice if all goes as planned I'm very excited, I also wanna start researching my family history at the library soon.

P.S. If you wonder why I spell Brasil wrong, it is because that is how the Brasilians spell it, only silly americans spell it with z, we Brasilians know better. =)

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