Monday, February 28, 2011

the Cloud Catchers

Chapter 1
A group of five fell to two and grew to eleven over the course of eighteen years. There names are of little matter as they never called each other buy them. The original four plaid together as children, or so their parents said, they were to young to remember much.
Over the next two years the friends diminished until all that was left was a semi stressful relationship between two of the youngest girls. Their relationship was one of arch enemies and best friends, making them more like sisters then anything. We shall call these two Faye and Clair, Faye was the younger buy two weeks and Clair never allowed her to forget it, it was Clair’s one pride in this unusual friendship. For many years the two were almost identical, at least in appearance, there personalities though complimentary, were as different as black and white. 
Faye’s once long strait hair soon turned into gorgeous honey brown ringlets, meanwhile Clair passed her in height buy four and a half inches, though neither of them was very tall. Here we must insert Stacy, Stacy being one of the original five quickly fit back in. Though Stacey and Clair were much closer, occasionally leaving Faye out in the cold, never intentionally but always effectively.  
When high school came, a new separation began, though Clair and Faye went to the same school they ran in different circles, each made new friends and neither talked to the other much. Here the rest of the group was discovered and the friendships began to grow. 

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