Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playin Princess

Was wishing so badly I had a magical place to wear this gorgeous dress, it was only $28. But $28 is $28 and I have more important things to spend that money on and no place to wear this. *SIGH* 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sepia Sunrise

This morning I greeted the sun with a delicious cup of coffee, my sleepy eyes and uncombed hair. Life as it should be at six in the morning. I did remember to take my camera this morning instead of just my phone as my new phone takes terrible pictures! (man do I miss my old one) When I reached the sand I realized I had left my memory card in my computer. So I was left to use my cell phone camera, it looked best in sepia tone, hope you enjoy! For now I must go finish the job of pulling a million staples out of my neighbors previously screened in porch, I'll return later with more interesting tidbits.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweater Progress & Joy!

Progress on the before mentioned sweater is coming along nicely and I must say I'm rather proud of my work, the beginnings of a sleeve 2/5 of the left front panel 1button and 2 pockets! The Yarn which I found 9 scenes of yarn for $5 at a not half bad little thrift store. It has been the best yarn I've ever worked with! I've always loved knitting but it becomes frustrating when the yarn pulles tight or snags, this yarn lays beautifully and slides on and off my needles like a dream. I must also say that this past week was my last week of school and that made me incredibly happy not to mention the enormously splendid adventure I had with two of my bestest guy friends, we went to the music store and then back to the Craig's house for dinner and then big lots for snacks and last but not least Mystery Science Theatre 3000 at the Egyptians house! It was amazing, and a little of my ornery streak got to see the light of day.

Terribly Delicious

The last week that I haven't posted anything has been just that, delicious! Thus I have been to happily busy to post much of anything, I've been meaning to I really have, but somehow at the end of each day I realize it never has. I have so much deliciousness to tell you, but for now I'm just telling you that I'm going to tell you. Cruel perhaps but there's to much to share in one post, so this my friends is what we'll call an ice breaker from lack of posting. All my week to follow as the day grows older. At the moment it is time to fold some laundry. 

          Farewell dear friends!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A "Winderfull" Sunday Afternoon

Went shopping after church this morning and got a really cute sweater that I love, I was however sad that the shoes I wanted were so stupid expensive  (my mom would have to remind me I wouldn't want them going up and down 8 or so flights of steps next year).  There's one week left of school and that's rather exciting, sociology test, political science test, psychology presentation and paper and that's about it. Oh and I get a break from playing guitar at youth group this week as the amazing egyptian is coming home  from the grove and is gonna lead worship, very excited to see him again.

Two varieties of shoes I would love to have, oxfords and peep toe booties.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

McMillian and All the Bright Lights

  So last night I went on an adventure with two of bestest friends. This adventure took us to a Philadelphia  bar where John Mark McMillian and All the Bright lights were playing a show. Ran into some old friends from high school and college and had a crazy amazing time. So glad the 3 of us got to go.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

May I Wander Through Your Woods?

Last night I went to bed rather depressed and woke in relatively the same condition. However, the sunshine seems to have brightened up my day a bit. I dragged my dearest, sweetest of mothers on a rather long walk through the woods, where we found this insanely large holly tree (that I just had to climb). Shhhhhhhh .... don't tell anybody. It doesn't look very high but my head's a good 10-12 feet in the air. I wanted to go higher, maybe next time ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Sweater

So I'm working on designing and knitting a sweater. It's the first real knitting project I've ever done and I'm very excited about how well it's coming along so far. The colour is between 1 and 2 on the blue green scale. I have one pocket finished and the other started and I'm halfway finish the left front side. Also I'm making four Dorset buttons for the front opening. I finished the first this morning and I'm rather pleased.

"The Sun is Rising"

This is one of my favorite quotes from the Two Towers. Last night was so delightfully warm that I was able to leave the windows open, I love waking to fresh morning air on my face.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Growing Green

Oregano and English Thyme

Lilacs in bloom
Today is a beautiful day the herbs and flower and food are all growing so beautifully green I just had to share it. Here are a few pictures of the beauty. Enjoy. 
The turnip is coming up rather nicely
Hyacinths smell so delightful  
Red onions (for my Dad [I'm not a fan])
Grape Hyacinths grow wild in the yard 

Carrots are growing happily

Spinach you are delicious

And the first of the snow peas is finally sprouting!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flowers in Your Hair

Not the best lighting for the colors, but I finally found something to do with that nasty yellow I loved so dearly. I rather like it =) haven't decided yet whether to add more little flowers.


Oh wait that was a swing! I love swinging (sometimes). This morning happened to be one of those times. So what have I been up to? Well thursday I made a skirt, shown below, out  of  a 75

cent scrap it's not quite finished as I have yet to add a pocket to the left front side. Then Friday night I went to see my friend perform the part of Woodstock in " You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" which was being performed at her wonderful little college. It makes me almost wish I had gone away to college, but it doesn't matter now. I have two weeks left till school is out and I'm rather excited about that! All my final presentations are this week, Monday sociology on Holidays, Tuesday composition class on Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Wednesday psychology on major depressive disorders. It'll be a busy week, must get back to work on all that mess, at least for now. Oh by the way I cut my hair, a little bit, trimmed and added some bangs.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just 十五 Minutes

Steaming tea, ginger snaps with sharp cheddar, %80 dark chocolate, sock knitting and the rocky road to dublin. That's my 15 min break from school, well more like 20 min if you include this post. I'll expound on the socks later, for now it's time to write about the history of Easter.

Monday, April 4, 2011

French and Army Lace

I've always loved languages! I won't say I've always proved good at mastering them, but that does not diminish the interest. At the moment I need to learn chinese and I'm working at that but I'm far more interested in French, complicated and rather ridiculous but a beautiful language none the less. I've been working on studying political science tests and writing essays about child soldier not to mention preparing a presentation on teaching English as a foreign language. This is my pre-class break, I really want to buy a coffee but I just realized I some how left the house with only about 65 cents in my wallet and that won't cut it. I've love this picture  and I have this wonderful idea for a necklace like this made with drab army green thread, mind you I've never seen thread this colour so it'll be a while before that happens. 

Languages I would like to speak ~ French, Chinese, Portuguese, Celtic, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian,  Štokavian, Finish and well all the other ones!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do You Argue?

Do you argue with yourself? I do, just today I made up a basket to hook to my bike and I told myself, self, you should go for a ride. Well self didn't really want to, fortunately self won out, a bike ride and pictures were taken. 

Went by way of the Boggs, and had a lovely time. Though I must mention that a rain cloud cried on me a little and a mallard screamed at me rather loudly.

On the way home I found this poor little daffodil sitting tariffed on the side of the road and so I brought it home and gave it a nice drink of water.

But now it is time for coco and studying. Three weeks left of school.