Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roll around

It's Wednesday again! How that happened I'm not sure this week has flown by, what can I say. I have lost even more weight in my fingers and I discovered that the base knuckle of my ring fingers is double jointed, it's odd.  I heard from China and I got a %95 on my sociology test, that was monday. Had some jam time in the afternoon, got one song down pretty well, and I finally figured out how to play "my" song. Tuesday was a test in Political Science think I did good, then I had a crazy awesome adventure with some of my favorite men, oh ya and that episode of NCIS was pretty awesome. This morning I went to Chapel at my old high school felt like going home, I do rather miss it. And at present I should be studying for my psyc test that I have to take in one hour, but I really don't feel like it, such is life and I must study now.