Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Cork board

I really love Cork board because it makes for easy pinning of notes and whatnot's. But I mean, lets be realistic... cork ... not that pretty. But why leave it a nasty shade of brown? Why not paint it? So here's my quick DIY pretty cork board tutorial!


Take some plain cork board, large grade/small grade, old/new, whatever size you like!
(this is just some old ugly cork I had on hand)

Take  some primer sealer and slather it all over your cork,(try to fill in  as many  of the holes as possible), let dry.

Finally choose a design and colors, sketch it out and start painting!

Hang your final project on the wall and start pinning things!

I like using geometric designs but you can do just about anything, treat it as a canvas you can stick pins in!

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