Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Song

Here's another Chinese song I've fallen in love with! I can play along, now all I need to do is learn how to sing it :) I really love his voice, he's a couple of other great songs you should defanitly check out. 

It's been much colder the past few days, felt like -24 as I waited for the bus yesterday. I kept rubbing my eyes to keep them warm, certain things you don't really think much about like the liquid in your eyes and nose freezing, I'll tell you right now it's the strangest feeling. Well I have to out for dinner with a friend tonight and I'm praying for several reasons that all goes well with that. I'll be busy for the next week but I must say I'm really looking forward to our 15 day break, my Chinese New Year would be so much better if everyone wasn't going home on break, but I know I would if I could and I would never want to deprive them of that. As is I'll just have to be more creative with my time. Hope you enjoy the song!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! 新年快乐

Well it's 2012 and my New Years weekend was a blast.  I actually had Sunday off (a big thank you to the Peoples Republic of China for convincing my boss to give me a day off). At any rate, I had Sunday off and was able to go to an actual Church service for the first time in almost 5 months, yes believe it or not I have been here for almost 5 months now. Later we had a Birthday Party and then our Sunday night "Family Meetings". So basically I got to spend time with my friends and basically just have fun all day long! I must admit that though gowing up I imagined a number of things, I never really imagined I'd be a English teacher in northern China when the year 2012 rolled in. Well this year has been good to me so far, I feel happier and prettier on a pretty consistent basis, other then this morning when I was still exhausted from my long weekend and really didn't wanna get up, but that's another story. I also really wanna focus on being healthy this year, Spirtitually, Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. Makeing sure I read my Bible, pray, and do some worship everyday. Eating healthier, focusing on the good and keeping my mind focused.  I so look forward to learning Chinese next year, and though I almost can't wait I'm also learning to be good and focused where I'm at. Here's a project I wanna try.

Here's the pattern on etsy.

And a video about it.

I love her stuff!