Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living on Love, Coffee and Warm Weather

Life has been beautiful, long days in the sun drinking milk tea, eating malatong and BBQ, riding buses and holding hands with a wonderful man. He’s in Shanghai now and the sky has been crying for the past few days, I feel a little out of sorts and I miss him terribly. But I’m busy with school and moving again. The future seems uncertain, but I’m hopeful. Not sure how but I seem to have grown up a bit, turning 20 next week and not really sure how I feel about it. That's all for now.


  1. To paraphrase an old saying -
    You may not know what the future holds but
    you know who holds your future.
    Although it feels uncertain it is not. He knows exactly where He is taking you and how best to get you there. Keep trusting Him, follow his direction. When your soul is in turmoil, rise up in your spirit man, rule your soul.
    Psalm 116:7 Psalm 42:5. Jude 1:20

    It's a funny thing but the transitions in life aren't as gradual as we like to think.
    I love you and am happy for you (sad too because he's gone, but not too sad because His plans are always best).

    1. Ah Love is most important thing in our life all the people in this the love of want friends, parents, partners.But this is also a truth we trust on someone so easily but to break our trust it doesn't take a second what is your point of view.