Thursday, May 3, 2012

A City Girl?

Well the house seems a little empty right now without my friend .Quen he’s been gone almost a  week now, and I can’t wait till he gets back, it just isn’t the same around here without him. Not to mention teaching, I’m up to my ears in 3-7 year olds and I really can’t take much more of it! I love children but at this point I feel I can hardly stand to look at them for more then a few seconds. Unfortunately  I fear my friends adoring children are the ones who bear the main brunt of this unfortunate event. Yesterday was a holiday here in China and we had a day off, so we all packed into a van and headed out of the city to the zoo, it’s the first time I’ve been out of the city here in China. At first it was amazing like finally getting a glimpse of home, of the real world, but buy the end of the day you have no idea how relieved I felt to be headed back into the city to see the big buildings and the buses, to hear all the noises and smell the dust and smoke in the air. After a long day in the country, I was relieved to be coming home, when walking from the big intersection back to my house I didn’t even want to listen to my music I just wanted to here all the sounds of the city?! Crazy and surprising, somehow at some point I seem to have become a city girl and I didn’t even know it happened. 
Went for a long bike ride with .Quen last Saturday. It was a little crazy riding in the city but I got use to it after a bit and it was a good morning spent with a good friend. Then the next morning I had to go into work early and crossing this terribly busy street thinking about boy ( yes I know! tisk-tisk) Well tripped and fell bruised my knee pretty bad and cut up my hand a bit. You can see what’s left of it. Anyhow then the zoo. Yes, the zoo wasn’t that interesting but I did get to spend pretty much the entire day with my friends .Tao and .Ming, mostly .Tao though. I was so happy he was there not only because I had fun hanging out with him but also because it allowed me to get away from all the little children that I’m sure otherwise would have driven me insane! At any rate I had a loverly day with him an then today I had to go back to work. It wasn’t sooooo bad mostly older classes, the only bad thing really is my one student Harry(monkey) reminds me very much of my friend .Quen and that made me remember how much I miss him and how sad I am and then of course I’m headed home in about 3 months now and I need to buy tickets and I’m so afraid to say goodbye,  I don’t want to say goodbye to the people I love.

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  1. tisk-tisk is right, especially since you told someone you fell because you were watching the cars. Hmmm and the bike ride... somehow you didn't mention who you went riding with. haha

    Think about being able to say "Hi" to people you love. Mostly just focus your eyes on Jesus. God knows what he's doing, he cares about you more than anyone. He alone knows the future, where you need to be (spiritualy, emotionaly, mentaly and physicaly) and the best way to get you there.