Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Spring ^_^

Haven’t written a post in ages, honestly I haven’t even thought about writing, my new house doesn’t have internet. But it does house 4 of the best people ever, needless to say I love my roommates they really are amazing , I’d tell you there names but they’re Chinese and you wouldn’t know them any better for it. We make food, watch movies, clean the house, read the bible, practice our foreign language skills, play pool and most importantly laugh, a lot! It’s a good life.  I’m just sad that I have to work so much now. I’ve grown even more tired of being a teacher, but somehow it’s almost more bearable with good friends at hand to talk to and cheer me up. I’m happy to be headed home in August to see my family and friends there and I’ll be more then thrilled to discard the title of teacher, but words can’t express how much I’d like to stay and stay here for a very long time, yes some days I still want to leave but mostly those are the days when I’m just a little girl from sussex who’s scared as scared can be of living in this big city and then it isn’t really home I want , it’s just to run away and find a different place. But those days are fewer and farer between then ever. Well it’s spring in North China and I find myself grinning from ear to ear when walking to the bus as each day I see something new and green popping up out of the dirt of the sidewalk or the tops of trees. The grass is growing, the forsythia is flowering, the lilacs are getting their leaves and all the willow trees are covered in little green buds, not to mention all the lovely puddles filled with fluffy white birch seeds. I love spring, especially in Harbin! And the rain, I’ve always loved rainy but here it’s even better! My one friend told me after my contract is up he thinks I should go to language school and stay on as a translator for them. Oh I would love it! I often listen to my friends speaking Chinese and I long to understand and be able to talk to them in Chinese, I almost cry some nights because I want it so bad! So bad, it’s a desire planted so deep in my heart I can’t even begin to express it! So right now I’m still going home in 3 months and 3 weeks, but I pray it’s only a short visit and that I’m headed home soon. Also dealing with a bit of boy drama, but we won’t discuss that here unless it becomes serious.


  1. I knew spring would be glorious in Harbin. After such hard winters how could it not be, even with the pollution. The emotional winter and spring you've been through can only accentuate it.
    If it's any of the previously mentioned males they could hardly be called boys.
    I won't say how this makes me feel but I will say that my hearts desire is that you be so in love with Jesus you can go easily wherever he leads.
    As far as school/teacher be sure you are representing Jesus well in that place. He could have gotten you to China a different way. Don't miss what he has for you to do there. Jesus taught you a lot of lessons in high school don't forget them all.
    Too much on my mind.

  2. Yes maybe to much, .... boys are boys (no matter how old they are) .... I'm doing my best to stay focused and honer the Father but it's not easy keep me in your prayers.