Monday, April 4, 2011

French and Army Lace

I've always loved languages! I won't say I've always proved good at mastering them, but that does not diminish the interest. At the moment I need to learn chinese and I'm working at that but I'm far more interested in French, complicated and rather ridiculous but a beautiful language none the less. I've been working on studying political science tests and writing essays about child soldier not to mention preparing a presentation on teaching English as a foreign language. This is my pre-class break, I really want to buy a coffee but I just realized I some how left the house with only about 65 cents in my wallet and that won't cut it. I've love this picture  and I have this wonderful idea for a necklace like this made with drab army green thread, mind you I've never seen thread this colour so it'll be a while before that happens. 

Languages I would like to speak ~ French, Chinese, Portuguese, Celtic, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian,  Štokavian, Finish and well all the other ones!

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