Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweater Progress & Joy!

Progress on the before mentioned sweater is coming along nicely and I must say I'm rather proud of my work, the beginnings of a sleeve 2/5 of the left front panel 1button and 2 pockets! The Yarn which I found 9 scenes of yarn for $5 at a not half bad little thrift store. It has been the best yarn I've ever worked with! I've always loved knitting but it becomes frustrating when the yarn pulles tight or snags, this yarn lays beautifully and slides on and off my needles like a dream. I must also say that this past week was my last week of school and that made me incredibly happy not to mention the enormously splendid adventure I had with two of my bestest guy friends, we went to the music store and then back to the Craig's house for dinner and then big lots for snacks and last but not least Mystery Science Theatre 3000 at the Egyptians house! It was amazing, and a little of my ornery streak got to see the light of day.

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