Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oh wait that was a swing! I love swinging (sometimes). This morning happened to be one of those times. So what have I been up to? Well thursday I made a skirt, shown below, out  of  a 75

cent scrap it's not quite finished as I have yet to add a pocket to the left front side. Then Friday night I went to see my friend perform the part of Woodstock in " You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" which was being performed at her wonderful little college. It makes me almost wish I had gone away to college, but it doesn't matter now. I have two weeks left till school is out and I'm rather excited about that! All my final presentations are this week, Monday sociology on Holidays, Tuesday composition class on Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Wednesday psychology on major depressive disorders. It'll be a busy week, must get back to work on all that mess, at least for now. Oh by the way I cut my hair, a little bit, trimmed and added some bangs.


  1. I love the last picture. tis lovely. This skirt is also beautiful. I am praying for you bout all your work and tests. I have 4 weeks of school left and all the projects and exams are coming due which is kinda stressful.

  2. Thank you muchly for the prayers and complements dearest Myrna. I'll will be returning those prayers to you as I'm sure you will need them more than I do =).
    P.S. I saw your parents this morning and gave them both big hugs.