Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Keeps Moving lets Make it Good

So the past few months blog post seem to be a monthly thing, soon I'll be without direct internet access but hopefully I'll end up posting more. That's all part of my update though ... so without further ado. How to start? Well this is the second Sunday morning in a row that I haven't had work and I had an amazing morning at Church, got to sit with a friend and saw some more afterwords, after the service we split a pizza and talked over coffee, later catching the over crowded 104 back home then running two blocks on ice up six flights of steps back down and another two blocks to work so I wouldn't be late, and I wasn't. Now that's what I call a pleasently successful morning, also I arrived early and went in the underground and found this amazing little store which had, tadah! Hair Wax!  Also tonight we what I like to call our "family get together" while snooping around the kitchen I got to help mak the 锅贴, made me feel more at home and rather proud of myself, felt like I fit in a little bit, it was nice. Anyhow, soon the family I'm liveing with here in China will be leaving and I finally found a place to live it's at a min base with four Chinese people, two of which I already know, I'm so excited, I think it'll be a great experience and I'm quite sure I'll learn more Chinese. Last week I hung out with some Chinese friends at one of the colleges and learned severel new words; confused, miserable, embarrassed and hungry. You can see the awesomeness of that below, also made some new friends, were gonna hang out again this week and I'm gonna get my hair cut ( byebye dead ends)! P.S. I love my Chinese friends so much!

Also I can't seem to stop listening to Chinese Pop it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)


  1. Your new hair wax looks like it has a light in it, perhaps you will glow. haha
    It seems the seasons have changed and not just outside. I'm glad your making new friends and having time to spend with them. I hope more opportunity opens up for you to be about your daddy's business. Lee Hom Wang has me listening to Chinese pop music too. :)

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