Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Hearts are Warm

The cold dry air here is bitter on my face, but do I stay inside? NO! I've been busier then ever, scampering about the city all bundled up hats, sweaters, coats, gloves and lots of layers on every part of me. It's December 2ond and most people are counting down to Christmas, a time of happiness and good cheer, a time for eggnog, cookies, decorations, lights, good music and loving hours spent with family. This will be my first year to not be home with my family, and I will be spending my Christmas at work 7:30-7:00 just like any other busy Sunday. But somehow I seem to not be too upset, you see I think it puts into better focus that though I'm not celebrating at home, I am still be celebrating the same thing, the reason why I'm not at home. I'm celebrating the birth of Christ, the comeing of hope, the dawning of a light, and the redemption that was given. It is difficult to be here sometimes, this city feels so cold and empty and dirty, everyone is always busy, but no one ever seems to be really doing anything. It'll change though. 

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  1. The most memorable Christmases are those that take away our beloved traditions and give us a new Fresh perspective of our Beloved. Praying that the wonder and joy of Him envelope you all throughout that very busy day.
    I love you,