Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent here in Harbin

I love kids, I love Christmas, I love crafts projects, decorating and what nots. Unfortunatly I don't have my own house, I'm not married and I have no children. But untill that wonderful time comes .... I have a friend here in Harbin with 5 children and an apartment that could use decorating. So I've started and Arts and Crafts wednesday night project with her kids. This week we made an advent calender. First I cut out these little boxes and the boys wrote a number on the outside of each. Then we put a tag with a name for Jesus and a scripture reference on it, these they can read each day and then hang on the tree, we also added candy for them and then tied them all up, it took a bit to decide where to hang them but I rather like what we finally came up with. They number 1-24 from the bottom up so each day they can simply cut them off.


  1. Wow - didn't recognize it was your blog! Very nice!

  2. Thanks Gina :) I did change it up. My blog is like my room I have to redecorate every once in a while or I get tired of it :)

  3. Oh Myrna darling, you're back! thanks :)