Monday, October 3, 2011

Learning Chinese and Fried Cabbage and Scrambled Eggs

So last night I went out for a walk to the bookstore with my new friend Punk, it was such a blessing to get to talk to someone, like really just have a normal conversation like I would with my friends at home. I really hope and pray that we can be good friends for the rest of the time I am in China. Anyhow I got this book to help me learn Chinese, and I plan to start seriously studying that and some other things on thursday, but I don't have time to tell you about that now as I am going to the Harbin Science Museum with a bunch  of friends and I have to leave in about a half an hour. This morning I did go out to the morning market and yum yum, I fried up some cabbage and scrambled some eggs for breakfast! Aint it purty? Also here's a good song.


  1. Good - appetite back and a new friend! I like fried cabbage and scrambled eggs but never had them together. When I traveled overseas, I always bought a few certain staples that were closest to what I normally ate and usually ate some of that every day. New food can be fun, but you need the familiar now and then too.

  2. Love the song. Happy for new friends new books and familiar food. Praying the good days will help level out the hard days, not make them feel worse.

  3. Thanks guys! I wish I could eat more of the Chinese food. But it tends to make me sick.