Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty's, Happy's, Awkward's and Just Plain Gones

Hello! I have only 1 class over the next 8 days and I'm glad beyond words because of it. I'm unfortunatly still sick and am finding it esspecially hard to breath tonight. I've attempted to avoid eating the Chinese food, as it almost garanteed makes me feel sick (every time). I think I might have figured out what it is that's bothering me though. Almost all the food here is spicy, and by spicy I mean hot. The average spicy meal here will actually make my lips turn a dark pinkish red from the heat, and I think that's what is bothering my stomache. See back home in Delaware I hardly every ate anything spicy, mild taco-bell sauce, maybe something a little hot a friends house. But never anything like this. 

The top picture is a new shirt I got and this is a red headband/earwarmer I made when I first got here. So funy story to share with y'all. So ya I went out to the park yesterday morning just to get some air and get out of the house, (note I've been sick and after 23 classes my voice was baisically gone). So I'm at the park and I took a scetch pad with me, (another story) and I was drawing two willow trees and some guy comes up and starts talking to me (in Chinese) so not only do I not understand him, but even if I did and knew what to say back you must remember my voice is almost gone and I can hardly speak English. He just kept on talkin and asking me questions, even after about 50 "I don't know"'s and 5 "I don't speak Chinese"'s , anyhow I'm waiting for him to get the picture and leave, but does he? No! He sits down next to me and just keeps talking. I called my friend Becky and asked her to talk to him, after about a half an hour of handing the phone back and forth I found out that  this 30 somethin year old man owns a bar and that he was interested in the picture I was drawing, but he was more interested in me, if you know what I mean. He wanted to know how old I was and if I had a boyfriend blah blah blah blah. It was totaly awkward. Anyhow, I got out of it with a name, number and a note, I still don't know what it says but I'll find out Sunday and let ya'll know.

Anywho, I went to the morning market for the first time and got these threads for only 3 yuan. Also started a tatting project and saw my breath on the way home from the store today, it's getting rather chilly. (Also got some grey yarn at the night market we'll see what that ends up.

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