Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feet on the Floor

So my last post, a bit dramatic perhaps but all true, I will admit it was a bit magnified by the fact that I haven't been feeling well. And I'm still actually feeling rather sick. I was feeling better last night so I went out for dinner with some friends. It would have been wonderful, if I hadn't eaten anything, as is, it was good. I got to talk to my one friend about problems difficulties and emotions that I've been dealing with and she talked me through it so that was good, I'm still sick and a bit of an emotional reck but at least now I'm looking up. I miss that feeling of knowing who I am though. A random facebook friend I don't really know popped up on chat, he ended up asking me what kinds of things I like to do. It came out something like this.
" I dunno, I'm kinda laid back, just like to live a simple, fun, life, good food, good music, fun cloths, dancing, long nights on the beach with my friends, spending time with my family, shopping with my sister, listening to my brother play guitar, working on cars with my dad, talking to my mom about everything under the sun over coffee and tea, baking delicious food like lasagna and pumpkin pie, watching and quoting stupid movies. I enjoy school actually, I like doing photo shoots with my besty lefty and I like hanging at the music store, with my two best guy friends, and I like buying flowers and I like making things. Youth Group is the high light of my week, it's a good time with my Father and my family, worship is the best, and the word is always good, and the prayer is so encouraging.  I love thrift shops and antique stores. I'll never get the smell of salt or the crash of the waves out of my mind and I love getting up early and taking my coffee to the beach just so I can see how God has decided to paint the sky today. 
I could post things all day, but it's all upside down right now, because that's all back home in DE. I'm praying the Father teaches me how to love being in Harbin, maybe not quite as much as dear sweet Delaware, but enough to get me through the year with fond memories attached.

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