Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sittin Around

So we got to the festival, well almost ... you see it's about 5 min down a backroad, off of the main road, off of the high way. But did it take 5 minutes? No! Try almost 3 hours. So what did we do. We listened to our music loudly, got out of the car and walked around, girls picked flowers, and we all ate more swedish fish. As we dragged on a little farther we came to a yard sale which my friend P. decided he needed to investigate, so what did he come back with? A Firby, yes you herd me right, a firby. The game got more interesting as we went along and people began steeling firby and frogs and there was much locking out of cars and diving through sun roofs. It was hot but only occasionally a little miserable mostly fun. At one point my friend C. asked if I had any black eyed susens which happen to be one of my favorites. I thought he might go pick it for me but in the end I had to do the dirty work myself.

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