Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Not the three best shows (those 3 I was to busy to take pictures). From top to bottom we have Charmaine (who I'd never heard of [she wasn't bad]),  The Letter Black (in and of itself not great, but amazing lead singer),  and Skillet (know almost every word to almost every song from back in the day when I use to listen to them a lot, they put on a good show and I had fun [ their amazing drummer I am most jealous of])   

Third Day was amazing, Emery also amazing (even the rain showed up),  the Almost and Aaron Gillespies worship were also fantastic,  and I discovered that Lecrae is better than I thought he was.


  1. The Letter Black is better than you give them credit for ^-^

  2. Yeah, I just thought I remembered seeing them on the posters for the refuge once.

    I'm glad Emery was good. I've their new CD was pretty good. I love his voice