Monday, July 18, 2011

Lets go 22 ~ fly by tea

It's been far too long since my last post or at  least so it seems to me. I will note my last post was a little on the dramatic side and I'd recovered by the next morning. In the meantime, we held our Second Annual Tea Party, and I snagged some news about China. But first things first.

Friday I spent most of the day making, wild rose jelly, clotted cream, scones and lavender sugar cookies. Saturday I went surf fishing with my daddy and caught nothing but fun. Then I had to go to work (cleaning at church) my friend stopped by to pick up his phone and then we all went to lunch. After that I went and watched Sucker Punch with a bunch of friends, I rather liked it. Then sunday we held our second annual tea party. The following are my favorite pictures of this.

Well enough of this tea by the Sea. I have 22 days left till I leave for China and I have so much to do!  At the moment I'm still waiting for paperwork to come though for my visa, but I'm not worried about that much. I also need another suitcase and I'm going to get new glass's tomorrow. Not to mention all the time I need to spend with friends and family.


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  1. What a wonderful time was had by all! (I imagine anyway) The new glasses look fabulous on you.