Thursday, June 9, 2011

First Fire of the Summer

Celebrated my 19th birthday, that's what I did this past Monday. As I hold bonfires at my house every summer it seemed a good opening to the season. I was so blessed by all my wonderful friends, and the Father was especially kind as he gave me beautiful weather and no bugs (besides the lightning bug Cal. found {a rarity on the beach}). We swam and played frisbee & soccer, we roasted marshmallows and bratwurst and drank an entire coolers worth of soda. Then we went on our "tribal tiki walk" basically we take the tiki torches and set out as tribe on an expedition down the beach. This particular expedition took us on a walk to woodhenge (pilings from an old house, that protrude up out of the sand). Later after we got back to camp we pulled out our guitars and began to play some already written songs as well as some spontaneous stuff. Unfortunately some of the younger tribe members are still in school and had to be taken home early, the party ended around 11:45 P.M. But we all had a good time and it is only the beginning of summer, with many more parties to come.

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