Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wild Rose Petal and Lavender Jelly

So I've wanted to make Rose Jelly for sometime I've had it in Turkish Delights from Ireland and I loved it! But sadly the only roses in our garden mold and die before they can really be used. Then last week I had a beautiful idea, you see the country round abouts gets covered in wild roses this time of year (it smells heavenly). So today I made Wild Rose Petal and Lavender jelly! I'm so proud of myself. I also got a large manilla envelope in the mail, I maid the Dean's list! So awesome, I'm almost sad to not be going back to school next year. Below are the wild roses I was busily plucking and cleaning the better part of the day. I also found an excessively large patch of blackberries in bloom.


  1. Congratulations on making the jelly and the dean's list!!! XD

  2. Gracias Senorita! I shall save a jar for the annual tea party, we'll have it when you come to visit (that's a declarational statement ;D )