Sunday, January 2, 2011


So I discovered that I love making hats, there really fast and really easy.

This was my first beret I had this obnoxious orange, I'm also working on elbow length mittens matching of course.

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Then I  made this one yesterday it's definitely my favorite

So my oldest brother is leaving for boot camp tomorrow so I'm going to see him today after church, I'm seriously considering moving to China but I very sincerely hope I can wait until August, I really don't want to leave as soon as the end of march, but we shall see.

Also still thinking seriously about opening an etsy store soon, I think I'll call it Resilient Beauty


  1. The hats are lovely, even the orange one and I don't really like orange. You should definitely open an etsy store. DUDE China would be awesome. I should probably have connected those sentences a little better but i like them just the way they are, the little dears :)

  2. lol I know I'm not a huge fan of orange either.