Sunday, December 5, 2010

Been a While

So I have only posted once in the last 11 days, I've been excessively busy working on Christmas presents (and decorating), plus finals, one more week of school woot woot! Anyhow down to busyness.

Bracelet I've been working on black knit crochene, tatted for a friend
Above my first two completed tatting projects.

This is my pinning board just heavy duty styrofoam
 I soak my tatting in a bowl of water and pin it out so it dries flat.

I recently sent a package to my friend who's off to college at PHC, there holding a christmas mask ball, and man do I wish I could go *sigh* oh well at any rate I was able to make her this mask it's a really easy crochet pattern I made up on the fly. It's next friday have fun Sarah!

Off to PHC with love.

This was a complementary hair pin (tatted flower)

And vwalah! the mask itself a little blury but you get the idea.

 I'll be back later with more, Trig homework, pringles and lemonade call.