Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cold, Windy, Days, where Confusion Flies

It's a cold wet rainy day, life can be a bit confusing but it's all good when you are trusting in God, he is our rock and our firm foundation! Today has been spent talking to my sweetie, praying a lot, organizing and cleaning my room (trying to find papers), not to mention contacting English schools in 成都 and the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.  But I refuse to be overcome with doubt and frustration, it's easy to forget in difficulties that that really is our decision. And though it may be hard and I may falter I am choosing to trust in my heavenly Father and not worry about things I have no control over. I am excited for the chance to finally start making efforts to go back to China. I'm excited to be going back

to the man I love. And I am excited for a new adventure in a new city. Of course we plan to marry in 哈尔滨 see all our old friends, catch up on good time and visit his family in 海林.  But I know that God has such amazing plans for the future! My mom showed me the below picture today and I couldn't resist adding it and a little song from my Fiance! Enjoy!

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