Friday, March 23, 2012

Ukulele Love

So I went and did some much needed and  wanted shopping, got my new favorite best ever pair of jeans an awesome shirt (some other stuff) and tadahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! A Ukulele I've only wanted one for like forever! And now I finally got it! I love it and I can't seem to stop picking the little thing up. It's so little and happy and cute. Love the heart cut out and the happy plucky beachy mussic. Some time when I get better I'll have to make a video and post it :) Well I have classes bright and early tomorrow so I must sleep now. I'll write more soon, maybe Sunday. I'm suppose to get my hair cut another exciting event not to mention moveing in like a week. I'll be living with 4 Chinese people and I'm supper excited!

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