Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Music, Skirt Desiging and Researching Dragons

Yes I'm posting another Chinese song, well two actually! The first my mom found by accident and I absolutaly love it! The second is by the same guy but I actually first saw it while riding the 83 to Sophia one day back in December. So I'm just comeing off of a two week break with no work (I know two weeks with no work and no blog poast, shake your heads in shame) anyhow today is the first day back to work and I'm actually a little bit kinda sorta excited about it. I didn't get nearly as much done durring break as I should have but I  did eat far to much food (For those of you who don't know, Chinese New year/ Spring Festival is filled with food and fireworks, it's also pretty cold up her in Harbin). I also got some shopping done and worked on some projects. I'll tell you more bout that next time.  In the meantime I've run into a small dilema where I'm lacking in pants and I can't really find any chinese pants that fit. So I'm going to design and make several skirts that will solve that problem. I've also been reserching Chinese Dragons, it's quite a fasinateing and complex topic. There are specifif reasons for my research but I won't go into all those detailes now, now, I will get ready for work. I'm excited to see if my package came in ( my dear sweet parents sent me a box but I didn't get  it before the new year celebrations began and when they start everything goes on hold).

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