Saturday, October 8, 2011

Studies start NOW

So I had 11 classes to teach on Wednesday and 11 again yesterday, but today I had off and tomorrow and Monday. So I'm officialy going to start my self inflicted study time today. Really what it is, is I miss being a student and so I'm creating my own study time. This afternoon I took a nice long walk down to find the fabric market ... I never found it. Oh well, I kept calling my friend and I don't even know... BUT! I did find a nice little shop that has yarn. I met a university student there named Lee who spoke English, I got some nice olive almost drab green yarn that I think I might actually be able to tat with we'll see how that works, anyhow the little lady who owned the shop was nice enough to make me a gift of  2 knitting needles. She was so sweet, I think I will go back sometime.

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