Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What shall I do?

Hello all! Today was good, some friends came in late last night so I only  got four hours of sleep. However, the noisy little dears we've been watching are now gone and the house is quiet. Went into work and had a training session with Andy, Andy like Paul is from Scotland though I have to say he has a much more epic accent. Anyhow, after that I watched four of Pau's classes. Over all a good night, it ended with an invitation to join my two new Scottish buddies at a karaoke bar tomorrow night,  Paul "me and andy might have a few beers but you don't have to, if you don't want to. But it's a lot of fun." I do really wanna go it sounds like a lot of fun. They seem like really good nice guys and I've been missing my guy friends. Talked to one of them earlier today (my bestest guy friend ever, that is) It made my day so much better, you don't even know. And I got to talk to my dear mommy, love her so much! I was practically dripping in happiness. Though, I'm exhausted now.  Oh and I just got my first bloody nose of the year, I think it's gonna be a long one.

P.S. This is a russian art museum.


  1. Karaoke bar, bad idea for a lot of reasons. Daddy will send your friends to have fun with that walk the same path. Remember bait is always appealing.

  2. Don't forget Vitamin c helps with nose