Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All my love

Hmmmm ... So I taught my first two classes last night, they weren't the most amazing things ever but I think I did pretty good all things considered.  Then at like 3 this morning I awoke to news of the earthquake in America, I instantly got on facebook to make sure everyone was ok. They were all fine, and I was better for the lack of sleep as I got to talk to one my best friends for about an hour before he sent me to bed. Anyhow the other day I went in a little shop and I got a small notebook and a calligraphy style fountain pen, I planned on writing down chinese words and phrases as I learn them. I was disappointed to find later that the pen had no ink in it. So today I went back and through a serious of back on forth conversation I got a jar of ink, it ended up being red but that's alright, I'll probably get another one later and get black. the bottle of ink was only 3 yuan that's like 45 cents. It's unbelievably cheep. Anyhow, this is my book and my pen. The pen has ink and the book has words. Talk to you soon.

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