Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot Box!

So I got my wish and got to make the 6 hour drive with 4 of the best guys in the world (inclusive of 2 of my 4 best friends). While on the way up Cal made up the game of hot seat (which later developed into the game of hot box). Basically someone thinks of a question and then when no one is expecting it ... BAM! the windows go up and the music goes off. The question is asked and the windows don't go down until everyone has satisfactorily answered the question. So the questions go something like this. "If you could be the front man or woman for any band what would it be?" "If you could eat dinner with anyone from anytime period, who would it be?" "If you started a band what genre would it be and what would you name it?" Just to name a few, needless to say it was an amazing ride and I must confess we consumed the better part of a 3.5  lb bag of swedish fish.

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