Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tea and Sticheries

Don't worry! My High School English teacher gave me permission to make up words, let me define the word Stichery or in its plural sticheries.

Sticheries- All things to do with sewing and other needle work.

So as you can see, I've had a small tea party with my mother this afternoon. She is wonderful and we had a splendid time. I'm presently planing another to be held over spring break,  it will be followed by ren fair costume designing sessions. :D

"There's blood on the promenade!"


  1. I love the Medicine. Such a good song!

    "I remember the days when you said you weren't afraid to die. I don't think you're brave for it. I just think you're more afraid of being alive."

  2. That's my favorite line in the song which is why I put it there, btw

  3. Mine to =) Have you heard belly of a lion it's been stuck in my head

  4. such a good song. I love that whole CD! (except for my only and that's not because it's bad I just see it as the least original of the songs but that's probably just me)