Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frightfully Over Due

So I have been highly neglectful of my postings. I really ought to say something about exceeding 1100 views, but I have no words on that topic. The two weeks has been pretty crazy lot's of unplanned traveling to Philly and NY. It's the first time I'd ever traveled that far north and ironically the first thing I really noticed is that in all the states I've been to from Georgia all the way to New York wherever there's wet lands there's phragmites. Anyhow today is the closest thing to a real day off that I've had in a while. Yesterday we stopped at Walmart, and today was another gardening day. First snow peas they live in the back row, I built the first layer of trellis for them to climb and hopefully I'll be posting pictures of their little sprouting faces by the end of next week. While I was cleaning out all the dead leaves and throwing them behind the shed I came across this old tub we had previously turned into a pot and  thought it would do lovely for the spinach we had gotten so I cleaned it up, and I must say I'm rather happy with it.
I have been working on my corset a little though I can't do much more at this point, not until I get my boning. So this is my current project! Yes it's a pillow case and it is going to be a shirt. I hope to get it finished successfully by the 15th so I can wear it to the John Mark Mcmillian show that I'm going to see with a friend, I'm dreadfully excited!
I'll write another later but for now this'll have to suffice.

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