Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally finished

I started this dress about 4 years ago I used a simple pattern for the bodice but at the time I had no understanding of how patterns worked (and I still don't I must admit), I did a lot of things wrong, so many in fact that my mother was unable to help me backtrack and fix it. So the bodice sat in a basket of mending for three years until I came across a sheet at the thrift shop that I loved. When I got it home I realized the blue flowers matched perfectly. I finally got it all put together, but now it's a little big on top oh well, such is life. All the same, I am rather happy with it.
Below is a picture of me pretending it's warm enough outside to where a summer dress ... it wasn't.


  1. Love the colors and the fullness of the skirt. Great job!

  2. Thank you both, I'm very excited for worm weather to wear it in =)

  3. Very anthropologie! I love it! Glad you finished it!

  4. I love anthropologie glad to be compared to it! Thanks!