Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faith Amongst Other Things

Lately I'v been thinking a lot on faith, amongst other things. There is an entire chapter devoted to it in Hebrews 11. With my possible upcoming move to China I've had to ask the Lord "Why?", why is he leading me in this direction, does he actually want me to go to china? Or is it simply a matter of obedience and sacrifice that he desires of me. Is this like when he told Abraham to sacrifice his only son and then provided a ram at the last moment? Or does he truly want to take me away for a season. To have faith there must be know evidence, evidence is something have not, faith is what I'm living in. Fear is what I'm feeling, obedient is what I'm being.

1 comment:

  1. What a strange year. Coming closer to the end and the why question remains. Only God in his wisdom knows. These are the times to be still and know ... He is God, and that says volumes.
    Praying for you in this next transition.