Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So that blue tunisian crochet cowl neck scarf I was working on? Ya that on. It's finished! 
I've had this small ball of blue yarn roiling around forever and I finally got to use it!

First I chaned about 30 stiches wide. 
Then I tunisian crocheted until I was almost out of yarn.
Next I twisted it 2 times and stiched the two sides together.

Which gave me this.

Final Product, I'm pretty proud of it, slips right over my head and it's super comfy! 


  1. i love this. it so classy (by which i mean dear Audrey and Catherine would die to have) (by which i mean Audrey and Catherine Hepburn)

  2. I knew to whom you referred, and I feel rather sophisticated to be so compared with dear audrey and Catherine they're old friends